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Music is something which is very much liked by one and all with no age bar. Say even a new born kid (enjoyed while singing by way of producing rhythmic humming by mothers and stops crying) to old age people even on their death bed loves music. Music creates pleasant moods when a person have depressed feelings. Diverts from hard and depressed situations.


After exhaustive work load every one can get soothing experience once engaged in hearing music of their choice. Researchers found that music therapy helps certain patients in hospitals too come out of sicknesses by recovering quickly compared to other patients not exposed to music therapy.

For a person in loneliness music is the best companion. It is also found that influence of certain soothing instrumental music on milking cows increases the yield. There will be no single person in the world who dislike music. It is entertaining and pleasing to all. Instrumental and oval both are existing since vedic age. Even in epics Sage Naradamuni was described as great musician, got praises from lord Vishnu. Even in schools, school starts with prayers on musical tone. Music is a great art and has no limitations.


If you are feeling down, we have upbeat music for you; if you want to relax, we got soothing melodies that will calm your soul, if you are feeling nostalgic, our yesteryear hits will take you down memory lane. We keep constantly adding to our great selection of Tamil, Telugu and Hindi songs to make sure that everyone has a tune that they can hum to at work, at home or even in the shower!

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Music is an art and art is viable if artists are good. Fortunately, Indian music industry is full of such artists. These famous personalities have made the country proud at not only the national level, but also at international level. They have taken the rich art and culture of India beyond geographical boundaries. Special mention needs to be given in case of Indian singers, who have made Indian music famous throughout the world. Their soothing voice and poignant performance has stirred many hearts. In this section we have added few but not complete list of famous singers pan India.