About Us

VibeSounds gives you free streaming of Tamil, Telugu and Hindi music. We stream a variety of different genres and artists to cater to our growing audience across India. We feature classic songs from yesteryear, film songs from the 90s and all of the popular releases since 2000.

The man behind VibeSounds speaks multiple languages which include Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. He enjoys music in all three languages and was keen on sharing his passion for music with 1.3 billion Indians. Go ahead and download the VibeSounds app for free or stream directly from the website.

Whether you are listening to music at work or while on the go, we are sure that you will enjoy VibeSounds. We play music that calms you, gets you in a positive mood and lets you reminisce about yesteryears and get nostalgic.

If you would like to get in touch with the founder of VibeSounds to share your feedback or suggestion, do click here.